Monday, November 15, 2010


These are the final looks from a shoot I styled recently, so pleased with how they turned out. Luckily I have some really talented mates; thanks Emma for the clothes, Aislinn for the body and Eimear for the excellent photos. 

Shorts and bra, Topshop. Leather gilet, Selected Femme.

 Shirt, Seymour's Vintage. Jacket, Gestuz.

 Dress, Gestuz. Gilet, Seymour's Vintage.

Dress, Gestuz. Coat, Seymour's Vintage.

Fantastic Mr. Ford

Tom Ford Womenswear, S/S '11.

PS. Sorry for the piss poor formatting, I'm working on it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Erin x Jalouse

Jalouse is a great magazine an' all, but I spent a frantic 15 minutes searching for 10 in Agora in Paris last week, and it turned out to be hiding behind the Erin covered Jalouse, right at eye level. Really annoying. Just sayin'.

Cracking set of photos though, no?