Monday, October 11, 2010

Hey there // I like your hair

Having read about Moroccanoil hair products for months on beauty blogs and thinking you couldn't buy it anywhere in Dublin, I finally got my child paws (and dried out split ends) on some of the shine serum at the VIP Towers beauty sale (a magical event I was lucky enough to be around for during my time with The Dubliner magazine). The serum smells lovely and really does make your hair shiny, but I was still gagging for a bottle of the original treatment. Amazingly, I found it in a random salon (on Clarendon Street, for any interested parties), and it really is the absolute business. It's really satisfyingly thick and gooey in the hands, but put into damp hair before normal styling (read - blowdrying the shit out of), it doesn't feel oily or sticky. I recently dyed the ends of my hair lighter; my first foray into colour since I bleached a few chunks and dyed them pink when I was fourteen- which means that the ends now properly resemble straw if left to their own devices. Thankfully, a few pumps of this absolute gem of a product and my poor distressed ends are lovely and silky. Can't reccommend it highly enough, just trust me and go buy a bottle. 

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