Friday, September 17, 2010

Alexa x Madewell

Alexa Chung's collection for American jeanswear label Madewell launched last week, and it's a cracker. As far as Alexa is concerned, I'm pretty sure she's a little over-hyped. I mean, I like her an' all but I'm not so sure about the "icon" label. Having said that, she always looks great, doesn't she? Her stuff for Madewell is exactly what you'd expect, blouses, peter pan collars and some really really nice coats. Not particularly exciting, but lovely classic pieces. I want any or all of these things:

While we're on topic, go and have a look at the Madewell site ( here!). Great example of what online shopping should be, it's not too fussy, and the styling is ace. The actual merch is lovely too, simple denim and cardis and some really decent footwear. Now all they need to do is ship out of the US and we're in business.

I'm currently on a hunt for this exact hat...

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Nightie! Eyeliner! Offensive pink lipstick! Basically, I think I fancy Marina. 

...I mean, she's fairly fucking magnificent, isn't she? While you're at it, watch this one too. The eyeliner is almost as good.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

They arrived! Lovelovelovelovely shoes, and actually dead comfy.

Nothing quite like getting post, is there? 


So! It's that time again, where I wax lyrical about  how much I want the new Chanel polishes. Luckily, it's nearly my birthday.. Just sayin'.

Business As Usual

Hello Friends!
Yes, I'm back. I've been off doing legitimate writing for the lovely Dubliner Magazine. But now I'm finished there I'll be back to babbling on the internet. Aren't you pleased?