Thursday, June 17, 2010

We finally got the American Apparel nail polish into the Dublin store. Obviously I've been solidly buying one every few days since.. So far I have amassed:

Rose Bowl, a solid darkish/lightish pink. Not my usual colour scheme (ie. not as beigey pink as I would have liked).

Cotton, a really satisfyingly tippex-y white.

Berries, a departure for me but it matches most of my non-nude lipsticks and looks surprisingly good with a tan.

Coney Island, my absolute favorite so far, a proper, slightly offensive neon pink.

Next I think I might go with Factory Grey, it looks promising. I've been gagging for a decent dark grey since I got a Nails Inc. mani in London and didn't ever get to buy the colour (rage). Also can't wait to get my paws on the summer range; a load of neutral pastels. At least two variations on beige to add to the pile. Exciting.

As for quality, I'm never sure about the chip resistance of nail polish as a)I always use a top coat (Nails Inc. til I can get my hands on some Seche Vite) and b)I get bored and usually pick it off within 24 hours. But I like the consistancy, pretty fool proof, and with two coats you get a really decent opaque finish. Plus, at 7 quid you can't really go wrong, can you?

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