Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wild Hearts Can't be Broken


Made by the lovely people at Spirit Hoods. very much like the bear, leopard and wolf versions, but it seems silly not to get the Panda..

Saturday, April 24, 2010

We Be Ballin'

The Trinity Ball was last week. It was a brilliant, brilliant night but I stupidly didn't even bring my little crap camera (who forgot to charge the batteries? Yes, I did) so I have ZERO photos for you. Well, no, I have three really awful ones of my dress and several of my mate Carrie who was looking well. Might whack them up later.. HOWEVER! I have come across internet proof that I was, in fact, there. My lovely new friend Hazel took this of us on the way to the Ball..

Thanks, Hazel!

Apologies for the awful photo face, but this is just to demonstrate the most fun lipstick I own, MAC Saint Germain. I went for a basic flick&lashes thing, and rather than go for the whole dark hair/cat eye/red lip thing I decided neon pink would be a better option. Especially as I wore the hair a lot ~classier~ than usual, in a big topknot and swooshy fringe.. I layered it a good bit, and dabbed a bit of loose powder in between the layers to get a proper chalky texture which works really well with the colour. Basically, I highly recommend silly lipstick for formal events, it's great fun.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

You wanna be on top?

Fans of vintage America's Next Top Model (I just can't watch anymore, Tyra's crazy has become too much for me) might remember Mollie Sue from Cycle 6...

She's the chick on the right in the second row.

A very silly picture of our Mol being a fairy-tale character. Little Boy Blue if I remember correctly?

She was always one of my favorites, they kept saying she had no personality and the poor girl was just like "No, dude, I'm normal", while the rest of the girls ran around the house making bird noises or some shit. Well, look at her now, signed to Elite and everything:

Whats not to love, like? The buzzcut, the tattoos, the slightly aggro face. All good, in my book.

It's been a long, cold, lonely Winter.

Natasha Poly in Paris Vogue, May '10

Now that my spray tan from the Trinty Ball has faded (more on this shortly), and none of my foundations are the right colour any more, it's time to start full on planning Summer Suntime 2010. Hm...

Friday, April 9, 2010

I know guys, I've been lax of late. It's all go here, y'see, but I'll be back soon, I promise. 'Til then, enjoy this picture by our friend Terry Richardson. It's lovely, all blue skies and cherry blossoms..

Today was the first warm day in Dublin in aaaages, and the nighttime had that really particular springtime smell. This is very exciting....