Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Single Man

I wanted to write this post about two months ago when I first saw Tom Ford's directorial debut, but because I saw it in the sneakiest and coolest but unfortunately Top Secret way I couldn't. But now that it's available for general consumption I'm free to gush. I mean, I obviously very much enjoyed it.
Based on Christopher Isherwood's short story, which Ford read as a young man and loved, then re-read at 50 and loved and identified with it, it's about an English professor (Colin Firth being the best I've ever seen him. Yes, even better than Mr.D'Arcy), who's long-term partner (played in flashback by Matthew Goode) has died. It's basically just a really beautiful character study, also involving his batty neighbour (Julianne Moore, looking a right babe), a young student (Nicholous Hoult - grown out of Skins in a big way, more on this to come..).
Everything is literally baaaathed in Ford's aesthetic - think really amazing Gucci ads from a few years back, but set in the 60's and less commercial, more artsy. And now, I'm no film critic (obvs - one of my favorites of all time is Dirty Dancing, so, y'know..), so I can't do it discriptive justice, it was one of those movies that you literally have to exerience to get what I'm on about. The lighting is incredible, one scene in particular where Firth looks like he's walking at night but it turns out it's a billboard the exact colour of nighttime. Everything is so historically accurate without seeming dated, kindof like Mad Men actually now I think of it.. The attention to detail is brilliant, I wanted to touch the leather and get a thread count on the sheets, and the close ups of the Firth's meticulous routine aaargh I'm trying my best here, but to be honest all I can really say is that you have to see it.

Em, can't think of how to introduce the Nicholous Hoult issue without literally just being like "so, let's talk about how hot this guy is", so I'm just gonna jump in and say, wow yeah, he's really really hot these days. Especially in the pink mohair jumper.. And He's got himself some spiffy Tom Ford eyewear print ads with a tan naked chick, good for him. He's come along way from About A Boy, like.

This is the scene with the billboard. Don't quite get the full effect in the photo, obvs..

Also getting some screen time is Spanish model Jon Kortajarena. Yeah..

While we're on the subject of blatantly objectifying, Mr.Ford hismelf's not bad for 50.. Not necessarily in this photo, which looks like something off the back of an 80's porno, but in general, no?

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