Sunday, February 7, 2010

"She's so... Beige"

I'm so obsessed with beige. I know, it's boring. In fact, I've been using it to describe boring people for years now. But MY GOD, I literally cannot stop buying and wearing it. Helpfully, the whole beige/nude spectrum is bang on trend and therefore easy to get my mitts on, and to be honest, I'm so far into it that I can't remember if it was the shows this season (Céline, Burberry, etc etc) which hooked me or if it was just a happy accident. Anyway. I bought this gem in the UO sale for seven quid. I know, lucky right? Only problem is it's quite a small small and therefore I can only wear it sparingly as I'm afraid it won't last long cos it's so tight...

Nice, eh?

I won't bother reiterating my insane mad love for beige nail polish, I think we've covered that. Next on my list is a nude bodysuit for layering (and lookin' kinda naked?), Topshop do a really good shade for €21, excellent. I'm gonna completely nick my mate's idea - I ran into her the other day dressed almost identical to her - harem pants (hers were silk, mine merely
glorified trackies from AA), bodysuit (hers NUDE! and mine black) and bomber jacket (hers vintage leather, mine vintage denim, just so you can form a clear picture). So basically, I'm gonna buy a nude body and nick her style. Other nude items on the wishlist are a nude lacy croptop from Topshop (totally rhymes), a beigey leathery bag - Mui Mui would be ideal, but possibly unrealistic?, a really good, oversize sandy cashmere cardi, some nice simple off white brogues aaand one of those lovely drapey skirts from Burberry. Please.

Off-white, another wonderful member of the beige spectrum.

Burberry do this palette really well. Just look at the classic trench - good beige..

...God, I've just realised how many of my blog posts turn into lists of things I want. Sorry..?

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