Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Let's talk about Leigh.

So I'm just in from London with an abundance of vintage flannel and lace (and beige) and considerable £STL lighter, but I'm tiiiiired and I will tell you about how amazing it was and post my disappointing number of photos later, but for now, can we please just talk briefly about Leigh Lezark? Essentially, I love her, and I'm mildly obsessed with her, Dellal-stlye. One-third of the Misshapes, model, Chanel muse/style ambassador, and I heard she's a natural blonde. The cheekbones! The year-round subtle glowy tan! Allll that eyeliner. And her hair is SO shiny. I'm actually falling asleep as I type, and hence finding it difficult to string together an interesting read here (what? you're not riveted by my babble?), so let's just roll straight to the pictures:

With Geordon and Greg, her fellow Misshapes. I like a DJ collective to match, hair wise.

In a Chanel body, via Jak and Jil. Not sure why this is underlining..

I'm guessing that Leigh and the obviously very hot Max Minghella were/are a thing cos there's thousands of photos of them together. Lucky. Him, I mean. Obv.

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