Wednesday, January 6, 2010

New Year New Hair

So a while ago I said how much I wished I had the balls to do the Dellal half-buzz hair thing. Having been thinking about it for a while in a sortof "ohgod, yeah, but I'd never actually" kind of way, a few days ago I decided, screw it, if I can't shave off half my hair when I'm twenty, when can I? Plus, it's the start of a new decade for chrissake, you've got to do something. So having debated and debated and got the advice of my many stylish mates, I decided to leave it up to fate; instead of booking an appointment, I was going to walk into the salon my friend Ali was having her hair cut in that day (Style Club on South William Street, where I'd wager about 90%of Dublin buzzcuts are happening), and if they had space free then I'do it. Went in, and the place was a ghost town (yeah, it was a random Tuesday afternoon). So I did it. The girl who cut my hair was Marina, a really lovely french girl who'd had her head partly shaved before and had really similar hair to me (think and curly), and we had the classic "are you sure?" moment as she chopped off a sizeable chunk of my hair. She didn't actually shave it, just cut it very close with a scissors and comb. I love it. So pleased. You hardly notice it until you look properly, it just looks like I've got it tucked behind my ear.. I'm going back soon to get another chunk taken away, the line between hair and no hair is a bit scraggly looking...

My hair before the buzz.

After the chop. (And straightened, which is unusual..)

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