Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Readin' Rollin' Stone/ Readin' Vogue

SO I've been having a perve around the internet at the photography of the ever-controversial photographer Terry Richardson, and I have to say, I like him. A lot.

Here's Terry with his BFF, fellow cool-guy-on-the-circuit Olivier Zahm of Purple Magazine.

Born in NYC and raised in Hollywood, Terry started off in a punk band in Hollywood High. I mean, let's not lie, the dude is a proper letchy son of a gun, but I genuinely think his work, for the most part, reflects the brash glamour of American culture, and a grungy-arty-"I'm just shooting my awesome grungy/cool life here" attitude. Pammy sucking on a lolly, the Gossip Girl girls coquettishly sharing an ice-cream cone, Eniko/Magdalena/Freja/Abbey love in for Purple, the list goes on. To be fair, he's not all three-way girl-on-girl kissing and boobs, he's a hugely successful and legit photographer, shooting
campaigns for everyone including YSL, Gucci and Chloe, and I'd wager he's in print in at least one glossy at all times - he shot a good chunk of the current V Magazine's current "size issue" (which by the way I'm a big fan of , even if it is a little steriotypical of the whole size debate, but that's another day's post), and, most legitimately, the Barack Obama. As well as being a famous and highly sough-after photog, he's also a bittof a celecrity at this stage. Almost always sporting a plaid shirt, glasses, armful of tattoos, and adopting his usual thumbs up pose, he crops up in social photos everywhere from Vogue to V. According to his website, he's currently working on his first feature film. Exciting.. I'll leave you with some of my faves from the catalogue.

The very racy Purple photoshoot. This is one of the least dirty..

One of the images form V's current issue on the Size Debate.

Terry and the Pres. How cool?

An editorial about tights.

This is a good set; he did a for Men's Vogue, showcasing watches (love a good watch), and featuring himself. Well worth a look at the full set.

Anna Selezneva for YSL. What's not to like?

Now, I'm not a huge Lindsay fan, but I love this - she looks so put together, but for some reason my heart breaks a bit for the poor girl. What Went Wrong, like?

Paris Vogue cover.

Obv this is just a small selection. Check out his website, or his tumblr (updated daily which is great). Or just google him. Maybe turn off your safe browsing, just in case...

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