Sunday, January 10, 2010

I like your top. Can I have it?

I don't have much by way of words today. Those crazy kids down at Come as Soon as You Hear had this brilliant idea, and it was pulled off immensly well, despite the nutso weather (which people need to stop bitching about by the way). In fact, I think it was made better by the fact that it was fairly tricky to get into to town - it meant that everyone there wasdetermined to beat the weather and have a good time. Plus, you've got to be a bit mad if you're going out drinking in the minus degrees.

The idea behind the night was you go, have a drink, have a dance, and every time the klaxon sounds you swap an item of clothing. People got into so it. There was nudity. There was accidental loss of favorite jumpers. There was a mexican wrestling mask floating around.

Swap as Soon as You Hear

I find this mildly terrifying. Gloria V body by AA, great fun to wear on a night out.

I'm in the process of hunting down this girl's RING.

I actually think it kinda suits him..

Swap swap swap!

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