Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pre-Christmas Paris jaunt.

A little late, I know, but these are some photos I took in Pareeee before Christmas. Was very very cold, and mighty different being there from the Summer.. Was nice to be able to get dressed reasonably though, as opposed to mid July when the only condsideration when devising an outfit is "how little clothing can I get away with wearing while still seeming appropriately dressed for being outside with the people?". Walked around for three days gawping at the fashionable population - really at thier best around this time of year I think. Tried to snap a few old ladies with thier MASSIVE furs and tiny dogs, but they were all so savvy that I generally had to deflect last minute and ended up with lots of photos of pavement...

Wore this day one. Apologies for the incredibly and inexplicably awkward photo face/body postitioning. I'm cearly no model. My new jacket is from Cali Select at AA, and looks like something out of Biker Grove. Also, wore my hair straight (ish) for the first time in ages. Didn't like it, sticking with the tangley curly thing I think..

The Marais, my favorite area of Paris, hands down. Home to some of the best shopping in the city, lots of small stores plus some big names PLUS the amazing and wonderful Free P Star, where you can buy silk scarves for a euro, among other things..

R tramping about Place des Vosges (another Winter freak out, last time I was there you couldn't see the grass for all the people) in her lovely red coat..

This one hasn't got much to do with anything, I just think it's nice..

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