Monday, December 14, 2009

My incredibly boring day in a nutshell.

There is nothing, I think, quite as boring as missing an entire day because of being ill. Not ill with anything serious or interesting, mind you, just a bad dose of the common cold. Have done nothing but sleep and eat all day. On the plus side, I've done about a weeks worth of internet trolling (look at this, this or this if you're bored), and have now come here, to my little blog to blab about various things.

Firstly, I'm loving the imminence of Christmas.. Came home on Sunday after a night of no sleep in a basement (cos there ain't no party like a basement party), and decorated the tree with the fam, which was lovely, and now my living room smells all piney and delicious. Also, had a very exciting email this week about a very exciting project about which I don't want to reveal too much yet for fear of jinxing it. Mysterious, I know. More to come in the new year. But man, it's exciting. The main thing occupying my week though, is my impending TRIP TO PARIS. I'm incredibly excited, but I shaln't go on, I'm finding it difficult to string sentences together today. I'll take shedloads of photos and do a lovely long post when(/if) I get home.

In other mildly exciting news, the necklace which was ordered for my birthday three months ago finally arrived (apologies for the crappy iPhone photo, but I was too lazy to go and get my real camera.) :
It was made by these people, and it's fun to wear.

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