Friday, December 4, 2009

Boot love.

So I've been hunting for a decent pair of boots for ages now. Dublin gets cold and wet, so I figured it was time to put away my beaten up ballet shoes (from Repetto in Paris, FYI, they make the best ones because they're an actual dance shoe company..) and invest in a some sort of decent foortwear. Also the fact that non-stop wearing of said ballet shoes has given me - don't laugh - a repetitive strain injury in my toe, which is a massive pain as it make flat shoes with no insole and heels uncofortable to wear. Woe is me, etc. Anyway! I couldn't find a decent pair of lace up black boots anywhere, any of the styles I saw were either too high up the leg, or too pointy in the toe, or generally too girly. "I'd like some man-boots in a size four, please" didn't really fly either. Just as I was about to give in and buy a pair of DM's, I found THESE:

They're from Urban Outfitters, and they're just sturdy enough that you can clomp about the city, not caring about puddles of wet mushy leaves or wet slippy cobbles, but not quite DM sturdy, which I think can take over the rest of what you're wearing and look - dare I say it - almost too clompy. I love wearing these with really girly dresses an tights, and I even wear them when I'm going out, as I've recently lost all patience with heels (but that's another days blog). I'm not mad about the strap but I cleverly buckle them round the back so they don't get in the way of the laces. Lovelovelove.

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