Wednesday, December 30, 2009

At the risk of sounding like a spoilt child...

Chanel nail colours for Spring '10.

Cannot wait til these babies hit the shelves. I've had a mild obsession with nail polish for ages, and Chanel stuff is brilliant. Really good consistancy, good coverage, doesn't chip. The sparkly ones are just sparkly enough and the opaque ones are really strong after about two coats. Their shade Lilac Sky is my go-to colour, a lovely pastel purple(I tend to favour pastels in general as reds and darker, vampy colours don't suit my weirdo child hands). Chanel showed browny-beige nails in the Spring '10 show, and LV had Sophy Robson in to do "foundation for nails", variations of skin toned varnish. Since I clocked the nails at the shows I've been on the hunt for a good beige (best I've found so far is one from Sparkle&Fade, whose stuff you can get at Urban Outfitters and have brilliant colours but lasts about three hours), so you can imagine my excitement. Also well excited to give that minky shade a go, and who doesn't love a good pink?

Speaking of nails, I've spent the last day or so looking through the entire blog archives of Wah Nails, the nail art salon based in East London. Not much I can tell you about the Wah girls other than they're shit cool and you should check out the main site as well as the incredible incredible nail art. If anyone felt like gifting me flights to London so I could get some rhinestone tips that's be much 'preciated. Now I'm off to attempt a half moon manicure by myself. This could end badly..

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