Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pre-Christmas Paris jaunt.

A little late, I know, but these are some photos I took in Pareeee before Christmas. Was very very cold, and mighty different being there from the Summer.. Was nice to be able to get dressed reasonably though, as opposed to mid July when the only condsideration when devising an outfit is "how little clothing can I get away with wearing while still seeming appropriately dressed for being outside with the people?". Walked around for three days gawping at the fashionable population - really at thier best around this time of year I think. Tried to snap a few old ladies with thier MASSIVE furs and tiny dogs, but they were all so savvy that I generally had to deflect last minute and ended up with lots of photos of pavement...

Wore this day one. Apologies for the incredibly and inexplicably awkward photo face/body postitioning. I'm cearly no model. My new jacket is from Cali Select at AA, and looks like something out of Biker Grove. Also, wore my hair straight (ish) for the first time in ages. Didn't like it, sticking with the tangley curly thing I think..

The Marais, my favorite area of Paris, hands down. Home to some of the best shopping in the city, lots of small stores plus some big names PLUS the amazing and wonderful Free P Star, where you can buy silk scarves for a euro, among other things..

R tramping about Place des Vosges (another Winter freak out, last time I was there you couldn't see the grass for all the people) in her lovely red coat..

This one hasn't got much to do with anything, I just think it's nice..

At the risk of sounding like a spoilt child...

Chanel nail colours for Spring '10.

Cannot wait til these babies hit the shelves. I've had a mild obsession with nail polish for ages, and Chanel stuff is brilliant. Really good consistancy, good coverage, doesn't chip. The sparkly ones are just sparkly enough and the opaque ones are really strong after about two coats. Their shade Lilac Sky is my go-to colour, a lovely pastel purple(I tend to favour pastels in general as reds and darker, vampy colours don't suit my weirdo child hands). Chanel showed browny-beige nails in the Spring '10 show, and LV had Sophy Robson in to do "foundation for nails", variations of skin toned varnish. Since I clocked the nails at the shows I've been on the hunt for a good beige (best I've found so far is one from Sparkle&Fade, whose stuff you can get at Urban Outfitters and have brilliant colours but lasts about three hours), so you can imagine my excitement. Also well excited to give that minky shade a go, and who doesn't love a good pink?

Speaking of nails, I've spent the last day or so looking through the entire blog archives of Wah Nails, the nail art salon based in East London. Not much I can tell you about the Wah girls other than they're shit cool and you should check out the main site as well as the incredible incredible nail art. If anyone felt like gifting me flights to London so I could get some rhinestone tips that's be much 'preciated. Now I'm off to attempt a half moon manicure by myself. This could end badly..


Why yes, that is a Canon 1000D, thanks for asking. And yes, it is the slightly newer model with image stabilisers. Lovely lovely lovely. Apologies for the blur, but I also got that big blue cashmere jumper from my surprisingly vintage-savvy mother. It's massive, and really soft and I've not taken it off much since Christmas day..

What did Santa bring you?

Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Right, so, I'm home from Paris (brilliant, yeah), but I'm currently surrounded by small children, so I'll do a real post later, but OHMYGOD LOOK AT THIS PICTURE OF ANNA S. (taken by the brilliant Tommy Ton of Jak and Jil, FYI) -

I love it all - the hair-crown, the glasses, the fucking awesome beige nail polish, the cheekbones. The "yeah, let's just keep it candid-looking" smirk.. Brilliant.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Hair envy.

I wish I had long enough hair to do this -

Alexander Wang, S/S '10. *Also, have mad love for Anna Selezneva. The cheekbones!

And I wish I was blonde so I could do this -

Proenza Schouler, S/S '10


Monday, December 14, 2009

My incredibly boring day in a nutshell.

There is nothing, I think, quite as boring as missing an entire day because of being ill. Not ill with anything serious or interesting, mind you, just a bad dose of the common cold. Have done nothing but sleep and eat all day. On the plus side, I've done about a weeks worth of internet trolling (look at this, this or this if you're bored), and have now come here, to my little blog to blab about various things.

Firstly, I'm loving the imminence of Christmas.. Came home on Sunday after a night of no sleep in a basement (cos there ain't no party like a basement party), and decorated the tree with the fam, which was lovely, and now my living room smells all piney and delicious. Also, had a very exciting email this week about a very exciting project about which I don't want to reveal too much yet for fear of jinxing it. Mysterious, I know. More to come in the new year. But man, it's exciting. The main thing occupying my week though, is my impending TRIP TO PARIS. I'm incredibly excited, but I shaln't go on, I'm finding it difficult to string sentences together today. I'll take shedloads of photos and do a lovely long post when(/if) I get home.

In other mildly exciting news, the necklace which was ordered for my birthday three months ago finally arrived (apologies for the crappy iPhone photo, but I was too lazy to go and get my real camera.) :
It was made by these people, and it's fun to wear.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's that time again...

December. Yum. Cashmere, tights AND socks, layering, hats - all of these things make me happy. As well as the cold, lets-go-for-a-cofee-and-a-smoke weather and the long nights, December means the making of my annual JUMBO CHRISTMAS WISHLIST. Like the permanent list things I can't afford to buy, but slightly exaggerated and shinier. It will grow in size and ridiculousness as the month progresses...
YSL Tribtoo pumps. I'm not even much of a heels person any more, but just look at them.

Gucci shades, Fall '09.

Shu Uemura goat hair foundation brush. Really really good coverage..

...And, y'know, the end of world hunger and so on.

Friday, December 4, 2009

Boot love.

So I've been hunting for a decent pair of boots for ages now. Dublin gets cold and wet, so I figured it was time to put away my beaten up ballet shoes (from Repetto in Paris, FYI, they make the best ones because they're an actual dance shoe company..) and invest in a some sort of decent foortwear. Also the fact that non-stop wearing of said ballet shoes has given me - don't laugh - a repetitive strain injury in my toe, which is a massive pain as it make flat shoes with no insole and heels uncofortable to wear. Woe is me, etc. Anyway! I couldn't find a decent pair of lace up black boots anywhere, any of the styles I saw were either too high up the leg, or too pointy in the toe, or generally too girly. "I'd like some man-boots in a size four, please" didn't really fly either. Just as I was about to give in and buy a pair of DM's, I found THESE:

They're from Urban Outfitters, and they're just sturdy enough that you can clomp about the city, not caring about puddles of wet mushy leaves or wet slippy cobbles, but not quite DM sturdy, which I think can take over the rest of what you're wearing and look - dare I say it - almost too clompy. I love wearing these with really girly dresses an tights, and I even wear them when I'm going out, as I've recently lost all patience with heels (but that's another days blog). I'm not mad about the strap but I cleverly buckle them round the back so they don't get in the way of the laces. Lovelovelove.