Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Recession: 1. Luella: 0.

So the recession already claimed Lacroix, but I'm lying if I say I care all that much. But Luella?! I know, everyone's posting about it, but come on, guys, that's just uncool. Luella girls just seem to always be having so much fun, with their bows and tulle and riding attire.

Ms.Bartley herself seems like someone's cool young aunt who sends really good birthday parcels and whatnot. Plus, she was the CFA Designer of the Year in 2008. Here's hoping someone has an excellent bailout plan up their sleeve. Any minute now. At the very least, I'm excited to see what her next move is.

I'll leave you with these, a selection of brilliant Luella looks over the years. All from, obvs.
Spring 2010, which will never see the shopfloor. Sob.

Fall 2009. Check that beanie.

Spring 2009. A personal fave, granny chic at it's finest. And look at the shoooes.

Fall 2008. Digging the dark lippy and crimping.

See here for actual useful information. Sad sad.

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