Monday, November 9, 2009

Peter Phillips, I like you a lot.

So one day while I was in Paris over the Summer (yah, two months, was amazing, no big deal), I found this brilliant magazine shop on my daily ramble through the Marais (sometime soon I'll do a really excellent post on what to do if you find yourself there..). Unhelpfully, can't remember the name of said shop but I remember that it's blue and has an "a" for a logo..? Anyway, I bought about two days food budget worth of magazines and brought them and a pack of Gauloises down to Place des Vosges and discovered...

Creative Director of Chanel cosmetics, makeup artist and all-around stand up guy. And he's Belgian!

There was a feature on him in 10 magazine, which incidentally is a BRILLIANT magazine (check it out here) and I can't find it anywhere in Dublin, massive source of annoyance. Anyway the spread was incredible, this is the only photo from it I could find online :
Really close-up shots, and what struck me was the apparent lack of airbrushing; in some of the photos you can see the models pores, which is a pretty subversive sight nowadays. What I love about makeup is it's brilliant accessibility. I mean, anyone can sit down in front of a mirror and have a play with powders and liquids and gels. There are a few guidlines(blend everything), but no set rules, and if you don't like the effect you wipe it off and try a different colour or texture or formula. You can make a look, wear it out for a night, have a brilliant time, and then you come home and wipe it off. It's completely transitory, you might never get the same effect from one product twice. SO FUN.

Sorry, I got excited and digressed. My point is that I love how even though Philips is the Creative Director of Chanel, he's still into smudging like six different kinds of gloss onto the model to see how it looks, then rolling with it because it looks awesome. Unfortch, it's not all dark matt lips and awesome blusher; it was him who did the Alexander McQueen Fall'09 big-lipped troll-face, but essentially, I love him and almost everything he does.

Check him out on the interweb here..

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