Sunday, November 22, 2009

"I'm THE f***king wizard"

Not really my usual subject, but I have to put it somewhere or I'll forget. Last week in Players (the Drama Society in TCD, for anyone who might not know..?) we had the pleasure of hosting the very wonderful Bill Nighy. I went along, not for the "ooh look, a celebrity" factor, or even because I was a raging fan, but because I happened to be moving chairs in the building at the time, which entitled me to skipping the queue. Turns out, Bill is awesome. So charming and such a funny dude. The Q&A session, hosted by Ross' dad, Mr.Dungan, was great, quotes include:
Bill: "Yeah, I'm in the new Harry Potter movies. I'm a wizard!" Mr.Dungan:"But Bill, you're the Minester for Magic, you're a very important wizard" Bill: "Yeah, actually I'm the fucking wizard"
Bill, on being asked about filming Pirates of the Carribean, in which he played a tenticle-y Davey Jones: "Yeah, it was a weird experience as I had no costume, just this odd suit covered in white dots to be picked up by the special effects people. Kindof like.. computer pyjamas."
Hilarious. So after the session, he was brought upstairs to our little green room, actually the rehearsal room, home to some of the comfyest sofas on campus, to await his ride. While I was lurking around the theatre with the committee, he came down to sign some stuff and take photos. One of those slightly magic times when lurking really pays off, he came over and presented a hand for me to shake and had a chat with me and Ali. He's so lovely and charming, and as he had mentioned his affection for a good lounge suit, I asked him about his very well made light grey ensemble. Yes, that's right, we had a chat about clothing and tailoring. Pretty awesome, I know. (FYI, it was bespoke, with a very cool lining the colour of a green and red apple at the same time, and a hint of tartan under the collar. Even better when he showed me his coat, the lining and collar of which matched.)

Then after very charmingly signing things for various parents etc and taking a photo with the committee (which, scream, he invited me to get in on as I think I looked a little, uhm, lurky standing and watching), he had further chats about his career and football and wanky theatre school practices. Mid chat, he got a text from Emily Blunt about Strictly Come Dacing, accompanied by an anecdote.. What a lovely lovely man.

Then, obviously, I had to go to an apartment and watch Pirates of the Carribean: At Worlds End til 4am. Cos, like, what else is there to do after such an evening?

PS. He repeated above pose in the photo with the Committee. And obv, we all did the same. Love it.

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